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Friday, July 02, 2010

Weekend Box Office #192

Nothing opening wide this week for adults, unless you've been hooked by the whole Twilight thing. I've managed to resist it.

Some movies in limited release are supposed to be good, particularly Winter's Bone and Cyrus.

This weekend's new wide releases:

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE (4416 theaters). It has already made almost $100 million in it's first 2 days. Figure another $90 million for the 4-day holiday weekend (Monday July 5 is somehow a holiday, though I'm not sure how that works).

THE LAST AIRBENDER (3169 theaters). This is supposed to be really awful, unless you're a 9-year-old boy. Apparently it has some of the worst 3D and special effects ever. It made $16 million yesterday, but word will probably get around quick. Figure $29.5 million for the 4-day weekend.


Last weekend, GROWN UPS did $40.6 million, while KNIGHT & DAY only did $20.1. TOY STORY 3 finished in first.


At 2:39 PM, Blogger E.C. Henry said...

Scott, since the 4th of July falls on a Sunday MOST companies are giving their employees the 5th off. Hence from the theatre box office perspective more people than normal are set to have time availible to frequent their local multiplex.

Sorry I didn't post earlier. Worked 10 hours on swing shift on Friday, then bam had to put in another 12 on a Saturday day shift on about 4 hours of sleep :(

"The Last Airbender" looks very, very stupid. Feels like a show that I saw the 80s. Wish
M. Night Shyamalan
put out beter movies. Lately his shows are creative, but they're missing something that makes them memorible. O well, at least he TRIES to be creative, which is more than you can say for a lot of filmmakers these days.

Yours truely will NEVER see ANYTHING "Twilight" or "Harry Potter". Why, you might ask? I think these two series are VERY DANGEROUS; they potray occultic things as attractive. Worse yet they target adolescent minds which the discrecion to see these things for what they are: evil portrayed as good. Driking blood and witchraft are both forbidden things in the bible.
Would are Founding Fathers apporove of witchcraft being endoctrinated in our youth?! Of cource not.

I'm with ya on "Cyrus", Scott. Its cast is awesome. Huge fan Marisa Tomei. Gotta find me one of those up here in Bonney Lake.

Hope you have a great 4th of July weekend. I'm going to spend mine writing -- once I get rid of this pesky headache.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

At 11:28 AM, Blogger Emily Blake said...

Don't we drink Christ's blood at Communion?

At 2:09 PM, Blogger E.C. Henry said...


Didn't know "we" were Christians?! (Good for ya, girl!) Yes, members of the church do drink wine/grape juice SYMBOLLICALLY remembering what Jesus did for us on the cross. AND Christians solmnely break bread and eat it SYMBOLICALLY in rememberance for the life that Christ's sacrifice gives us. I think the whole point is to equate Jesus with the life which sustains us.

""Do this in remembrance of me."" Luke 22:19

Deuteronomy 18:10-12 "There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or daughter pass through the fire, or one who uses divination, on who practices witchcraft, or one who interprits omens, or a sorcerer, or one who casts a spell, or a medium, or a spiritualist, or one who calls up the dead. For whoever does these thing is detestable to the Lord; ..."

As part of Noahic Covenant God forbid eatting blood with meat.

Genesis 9:3-4 ""Every moving thing that is alive shall be food for you; I give all to you, as I gave the green plant. Only you shall not eat flesh with its life, that is, its blood.""

Why did God say this AFTER the flood? I suspsect that was because that was something that was happening BEFORE the flood which envoked God's wrath.

Now I know you have a bend for zombie movies, Emily. I too have felt myself from time-to-time drawn to them. So, I'm not posting this specifically to piss you off, or appear holier than thou, because God knows I've blown it many times on the holiness requirement He requires of those who bear His name.
I am posting this to make a key point; America needs to be carefull what it mainstreams as entertainment, and the role models it sets up for its youth to emulate.

Witchcraft and vampires being protrayed as the "the good guys" and role models for kids, who don't have the discernment to tell between right and wrong, is dangerous, AND may envoke the wrath of God if we're not careful.

Just something to muse over...

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

At 12:35 AM, Blogger I am Jack's complete lack of originality said...


We're gonna be just fine. They're only movies.

At 9:23 AM, Blogger Danny said...

I TOTALLY want to make a movie that envokes the wrath of God. That way, when the world is ending, everyone can point their fingers and say "Well, yeah, it's Danny's fault. HIS MOVIE PUSHED GOD TOO FAR."

I think Uwe Boll might beat me to it, though.


(Word verification = impastal: Don't care what kind of spaghetti you have for dinner).

At 11:32 AM, Blogger Emily Blake said...

Okay, Danny, what about this one? A vampire and a werewolf stalk each other in the forest, when suddenly a zombie pirate appears and rapes them one by one, while eating their heads?

At 9:00 PM, Blogger Brett said...



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