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Friday, October 09, 2009

Weekend Box Office #155

Quiet weekend this weekend, with only one movie opening wide.

COUPLES RETREAT (3000 theaters). As much as I like Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau together, I have yet to hear an actual funny joke in any commercial for this film, and it's hard to imagine what's going to hook audiences. Prediction: $8.1 million for the weekend.


Last weekend, ZOMBIELAND did a very solid $24.7 million.

TOY STORY/TOY STORY 2 did $12.5 million. THE INVENTION OF LYING did only $7.0 million, and WHIP IT stumbled in with only $4.6 million.

CAPITALISM: A LOVE STORY did only $4.4 million.


At 11:35 AM, Blogger E.C. Henry said...

Can't wait to see "Couples Retreat." How smart is having an island gettaway movie in fall with most people cutting back and NOT going on vaccations? Brilliant move by Universal. Should spingboard them to better times financially. Quick feather in the cap for their new management.

The TV trailers got me to laugh. HUGE fan of Vince Vaughn. When he's on, I laugh.

Usually I don't comment on the $$ prediction thing, but in this case, Scott, I think you vastly underrated how "Couples Retreat" is going to perform. If "Zombieland" did $24.7 million last weekend. I'm thinking "Couples Retreat" will do at least $30 million this weekend.

Did see "Whip It" and "The Invention of Lying" last weekend. Neither movie impressed me much. Though I did think Ellen Page, Marcia Gay Hardin, and Daniel Stern did a fine job of acting in "Whip It"; they make it worth watching. Don't know how this is possible but Ellen Page actually looks younger in "Whip It" than she did in "Juno."

- E.C. Herny from Bonney Lake, WA


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