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Friday, August 14, 2009

Weekend Box Office #147

Well I've sunk back into too much working and not enough posting. Such is life.

This weekend:

DISTRICT 9 (3049 theaters). I'd call it a big sleeper, except that it is opening on the most screens of any movie this weekend. But the buzz is great, and though it's lack of star might have it open a little small, it should build well if it's as good as they say. $21.3 million for the weekend.

THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE (2988 theaters). I've seen a lot of ads for this, though the reviews aren't great. $21.2 million.

BANDSLAM (2121 theaters). I'd be ready to dismiss it except that it's directed by Todd Graff, whose movie CAMP I liked a lot, and reviews for this have been solid. Still, I don't see it being huge. $8.8 million for the weekend.

THE GOODS (1838 theaters). Decent reviews and it looks fun, though the title is kind dumb. $7.8 million.


Last weekend, GI JOE made a solid $54.7 million.

JULIE AND JULIA did a pretty good $20.1 million. PERFECT GETAWAY stumbled in with just $5.9 million.


At 5:15 PM, Blogger E.C. Henry said...

Can't wait to see "District 9." I blame that another of the "Scott's" in the blogosphere world.

Gosh does Rachel McAdams ever look good. Dare I say, the hottest working actress in Hollywood today... BUT I'm still not sold that watching "Time Traveler's Wife" is going to something fun to watch for an hour and half. Looks sappy, too sappy -- and that's from a guy who is predispositioned to say yes to romantic comedy movies...

"The Goods" looks like a funny show. I kinda wanna see that.

Going to try fishing again, Monday-Tuesday for salmon at Westport. Last Monday it was rainy and rough. I got sick. BUT this Monday-Tuesday it's supposed to be sunny in the 80s. Taking some Dramamine. Last Mon-Wends my dad and his brother caught 9 keepable silver salmon. WHEN the fish are biting on the open ocean, dude, that's somethin worth the price of admission.

At 5:52 PM, Blogger Matt said...

Pretty much in full agreement with EC here. District 9 looks amazing and so does Rachel McAdams, and Time Traveler's Wife looks pretty dull.


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