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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I Need To Write More

For a while this fall I was really in a groove. I wrote at least an hour a day for several months.

Recently, not so much. At all.

I'm not really sure why. One reason was because I finished the low-budget thriller I was working on, and tried to segue into the script I'm writing with a (long-distance) friend, and that's not clicking all that well (both the script and the writing partnership). Plus the project is really a tough one to crack and figure out the right tone and story, and I think we're just barely starting to get there now. Though we're trying.

So it's inching along, but since the last time I brought it into my screenwriting group (2 weeks ago) I haven't done much work on it.

So when a friend from my screenwriting group called 2 days ago and begged me to take one of her slots last night, I said yes, even though I didn't have anything new to bring in.

So I bravely brought in something from 5 years ago, a script that I liked a lot of, but which never worked. A fantasy-comedy-drama sort of in the genre of the mediocre Nic Cage movie "Family Man" (though I actually thought of this idea first, and it's not THAT similar).

And the reading went well. The actors had a lot of fun with it, and some of the humorous bits played pretty well (I was a lot funnier five years ago). I actually thought that maybe it worked better than I thought.

But then the writers tore it apart.

Bless them, because they were right about the key things that simply don't work. I'm much, much better at seeing the flaws in someone else's work than my own.

But now I think I found a jumping off point to make it work.

But I still want to nail this writing project with the friend.

But time is going to be crunching. Because the building I live in is doing renovations, we're moving at the end of the month. I hate moving.

We found a new place in North Hollywood, which means that we'll actually be living near people. Plus there's better parking, which was a nightmare in Woodland Hills.

So locals can expect more socializing. And poker.

But man, I have to write. An hour a day, every day, even during the move. Today is day 1.


The past weekend at the theaters was fairly blandly predictable. ENCHANTED made $16.4 million, and nothing else made more than $8.2 million (BEOWULF). AWAKE did only $5.8 million.

Things should be picking up this weekend; among other things, JUNO opens in limited release. I was interested to see that they turned the Sherman Oaks Galleria multiplex into an Arclight; has anyone been there yet?


At 12:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Today is day 1."

A commendable statement. That's the right attitude.

At 4:38 PM, Blogger Brett said...


Hmph. *I* was not consulted.

At 6:15 PM, Blogger E.C. Henry said...

Your dedication to writing in the face of setbacks is inspiring, Scott. And you're a real trouper too, filling in for your friend. Sometimes a little distance helps. I'll bet after 5 years you have a fresh perspective on that script?

Having just finished work on a script I labored on for about 7 months, I'm giving myself a little furlow from the nose to the grindstone mentality of an hour day. I tend to rewrite untill the material becomes "toxic" to me. 10-12 hours on two staight Saturdays, an hour before work, sometimes an hour after work. Though I love my last script, I know I need some time away from it.

Rewriting and writing new scripts from scatch are two seprate disciplines. I think I'm a better "write from scatch" writer, than the former of eloquent, poetic phrases. Kinda currious to hear how the other writers out there see themselves, in that vein.

I just love creatiting new characters and getting them to the point where there real -- at least they're real to me and Mr. Snufalufagus!

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

At 6:24 AM, Blogger dannyboy52472 said...

Congrats on moving, Scott! Yay! No more long-ass drives out to Woodland Hills! :-)

At 9:40 AM, Blogger Scoopy said...

Welcome back to civilization!

I've been to the Arclight Sherm Oaks.

They have a very cool superwall of classic movie posters, like two hundred or something, and it's worth going just for that.

Otherwise, it ain't the Arclight Hollywood. Don't be fooled.

Patrons were crowded right outside of Theater 1 & 2 until less than 10 minutes before the showtime, for "cleaning" although I imagine some other problem must have been the reason. Who knows what.

There was a couple down front for the Saturday night ENCHANTED show with their swaddled infant, so if you're trying to avoid tiny babies in theaters at night, Arc S.O. is not for you.

Surprisingly, the audience turned out fine. The baby cried a little, but that could have been over the stupifyingly underveloped premise.

But the restless texters were not out, which is why I stopped going to the 16 in the first place. Granted (and strangely) there were very few people sitting around us -- and we were in the prime center of the theater -- but everybody seemed on good behavior.

A young girl in the back said "ewww" really loud when a male character's chest hair was too prominently featured, but that was one of the biggest laughs of the night, so good on her.

Sherman Oaks is a family place and provides lots of irreverent teens, so I don't expect Arc S.O. to compare to Hollywood. But all the theaters aren't even open yet, so I'll give it time.

At 1:33 PM, Blogger suzbays said...

Let us know if you need help moving.

At 1:42 PM, Anonymous Tavis said...

Juno thoughts? Here are some I have to say I agree with:

At 12:05 AM, Blogger Chesher Cat said...

I went to the opening of the Arclight SO.

They screened American Gangster after a reception in the lobby where there was a non-stop flow of fancy hors d'oeuvres, wine and beer.

Not to mention, you could order anything you wanted from their gourmet concession.

And best of all? IT WAS ALL FREE!!!!

Glad to hear you're moving in from SFV Siberia. Let me know when the poker starts up.


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