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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Weekend Boxoffice #25

There are three movies opening widely this weekend:

MEET THE ROBINSONS (3413 screens). This looks like it could be funny, but from the commercials I have seen I have no idea what it is about, other than there's a dinosaur with short arms and a goofy voice. Still, it's the most interesting-looking family film out there. Prediction? $32.5 million.

BLADES OF GLORY (3372 screens). I think this has a good shot to be #1, because it looks funny, and people like funny. The early word, unfortunately, is that Will Ferrell blows Jon Heder off the screen (not really a good thing given that they are costars), but the laughs should still be there. $37.2 million.

THE LOOKOUT (955 screens). This is supposed to be pretty good, though it might take a little time for word to get out, and it's not on very many screens yet. $7.7 million.

Your guesses?


At 6:44 PM, Blogger Emily Blake said...

Know what? Fuck this game. I'm clearly not very good at it.

Stupid Napoleon Dynamite on ice movie.

At 9:34 PM, Blogger Patrick J. Rodio said...

Gasp! Emily!

Blades - 44 Million
Robinsons - 22 million
TMNT - 16 million
The Lookout - 4.2 million

At 11:51 PM, Anonymous chris soth said...

I'll split the diff:

blades: 40
robinsons: 27

I saw a sneak of The's pretty good.

At 3:28 AM, Anonymous Matt said...

I have no idea, but I'm psyched to see The Lookout.

At 9:42 AM, Blogger wcdixon said...

Blades - 38 million
Robinsons - 36 million
300 - 15 million
TMNT - 12 million
Lookout - 5 million

At 9:53 AM, Blogger dannyboy52472 said...

Yeah, I think the problem with Jon Heder is Hollywood doesn't really know what to DO with him ... he's got that GREAT one character that he does, but ...

I think everyone will see Blades as well. I'm not good at this game either, but I'll say it'll do 40 million just ... cuz.

-danny boy

At 11:02 AM, Blogger shecanfilmit said...

I think Blades will be the top movie. The #2 movie reviewer in SF (Jan Wahl, Mick LaSalle is #1) was on one of the biggest radio stations this morning touting it as dumb fun. I'm going to see it tomorrow.

I'll probably see the Lookout in the next couple of weeks.

Have no idea about the $$ amounts.

At 2:32 PM, Blogger annabel said...

I represent $24 of the total for Meet the Robinsons. I took my kids to see it this afternoon. They loved it! I thought it was very good. The story was entertaining and the characters were likeable.

At 8:45 PM, Blogger Patrick J. Rodio said...

Looks like:

Blades - 37 million
Robinsons - 25-27 mil

TMNT supposedly dropped 71% from Friday to Friday. Dang!

At 1:29 PM, Blogger S. Faubs said...

I saw a pre screening of The Lookout... pretty good but keep an eye out for a huge ass whole in the story. Not a spoiler... but worth mentioning.

All in all, go see it, it's worth the 12 bucks.

At 2:39 PM, Blogger Steve said...

I have this funny feeling that John Lasseter is not the animation god that Disney thought they were buying.

MTR didn't really catch my attention with the trailers, it seemed very blah (like most recent animated features.) I guess Lasseter had a lot of input on story changes, but the trailer (and reviews) make it seem pretty formulaic.


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