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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Still In Development

Turns out that writing really is rewriting...  and no one is in any hurry, until they are.

I've had a number of meetings with my producers and especially my development people.  The rewrite is coming along, I'm working on a detailed treatment that they will hopefully approve, so I can dig into the rewrite.

The catch is that it's almost completely different.  Really.  Some of the character names are the same.  The fact that Blue feels pain when she is touched is the same.  Everything else is different.  Every single scene is completely different.

Still, I'm excited about the new direction of the story, which is going to make her a more active and hopefully interesting character.  Plus it feels like I'm on my way to....   something.

I feel like a writer.  For better or for worse.  Can't be a bad thing.