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Friday, August 01, 2008

Weekend Box Office #95

I'm swamped with work; it's wall-to-wall at this point. I'm not complaining, but I've put the writing on hold until at least next week.


It's just as well that there's nothing new that is tempting at the theaters this weekend (though I still need to see Dark Knight...)

THE MUMMY: TOMB OF THE DRAGON EMPEROR (3759 theaters). Word is that there's lots of special effects, but that it isn't as fun as the first two. They've been advertising the hell out of it, but I feel like I've seen the whole movie, and it's hard to get really excited about it. Still, it'll make some money, probably about $43.2 million this weekend.

SWING VOTE (2213 theaters). This will be a test of Kevin Costner's drawing power, because there's just not much real hook here (while any Presidential election that pits Kelsey Grammer against Dennis Hopper is just rather scary). I think it'll tank. $8.8 million for the weekend.

The buzz is good (okay, that was unintentional, but heh) on PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, which opens on Wednesday.


At 3:03 PM, Anonymous jefe said...

Dark Knight should win the weekend again. What's the record for consecutive weekends at #1?

Why is Costner so hated now? Man, 15 years ago he was the shit.

At 6:57 PM, Anonymous Ernest said...

You're right about PINEAPPLE EXPRESS. Saw it last night at a completely packed preview. I haven't heard that much sustained laughter at a movie in years. It's smart, silly, savvy, audacious, ridiculous, charming and very, very funny. It's going to have tremendous legs.

At 9:36 PM, Blogger E.C. Henry said...

Great buzz about "The Pineapple Express," Ernest, you sold me!

Sorry to hear about you putting the writing on hold, Scott, but I'm glad that your work life is going well.

No new movies opening this weekend look like must sees. May go see "The Dark Knight" again; yes, its that good...

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

At 6:37 AM, Anonymous James said...

A cool graph of box office takings


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