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Friday, April 13, 2007

Anyone Watching "Medium"?

I've never seen the show, but I was just wondering about the nature of the psychic abilities that the main character has. If anyone is familiar with the series, and wants to give me a briefing in the comments, please go for it.


At 11:07 AM, Anonymous chera federle said...

I haven't watched this program in a while ... what I can remember, she has dreams that relate to the crimes that she is trying to solve ... she can also go to the scene of a crime and see elements of what has happened ... also while talking to a witness or accused she can get visions about what has happened ... I've also seen where she becomes the victim or the criminal (in her dreams?) ... don't know if it's in reality ...

At 1:41 PM, Blogger Suburban Screenwriter said...

Good show got hooked this season...she also can talk to the dead who appear as ghosts--just like the medium rip off the ghost whisperer. One episode she also got possessed by a spirit she was dreaming about.

At 8:04 PM, Anonymous chris soth said...

Her psychic powers SEEM to involve being neither large...nor small...

...of being neither rare, nor well-done.

Strictly speaking I think the term was coined for people who are "medium" way between the dead and the living...but I don't watch the

...I dunno. Aren't they ALL just ripping off The Sixth Sense? Seriously, how influential has THAT film been? I mean how many people "see dead people" now?

On tv. In movies.


At 4:10 AM, Blogger Mac said...

The main feature seems to be DREAMS - she has a dream that is related to the case she is thinking about.

The dreams may not seem related, she may not understand it initially, but inevitably it is.

If you are speccing this show, I've noticed one curious feature - they often end the show early .. not showing the bad guy getting caught. For example, she'll have a dream where the killer puts the evidence of his crime in a locked safe (instead of destroying it sensibly), she'll wake up, phone her boss and say "I know where the evidence is!" - then the show will abrubtly end.

Very odd.

The show also relies on bizarre convoluted plots, which our hero inevitably figures out way to easily. For example, a blind woman is convinced that someone is in her apartment. Since it is a show that often has ghosts, it would seem that logically a ghost story would follow. However, our hero instantly figures out it isn't a ghost (how is never explained) and in the last 30 seconds we are TOLD that the guy in the apartment next door has a secret passage via the back of her wardrobe! (Which he somehow sneaks through silently - she apparently has empty cupboards with no shelves!)

Because of the 'fantastic' element, they don't seem to worry about making the killer's motives or plot very believable.

Probably a good choice, as it gives them much more freedom.

Later episodes seem to be based around her children's similar abilities - although the children seem to be never in a scene unless they are relevant to the plot.

(PS: A bit of trivia I haven't seen mentioned yet on the show - her name is the same as the original Robin Hood! De Bois is a varient of 'Of the Wood' - there is an early French tale about 'Robin Of the Wood' and 'Maid Marion'!)

At 4:23 AM, Blogger Brandon said...

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At 4:29 AM, Blogger Brandon said...

I think the term "medium" in a supernatural sense comes from the definition: "One of the means or channels of general communication, information, or entertainment in society, as newspapers, radio, or television." So a medium is a tool for the dead to communicate to the living.

However, Allison on the show Medium has a few other abilities. Yes, ghosts/spirits do seek her out in order to achieve something, be it justice or vengeance, so they can be at peace. She also has dreams/nightmares that are like puzzles since the message isn't always clear. Not all the information in her dream pertains to the so-called crime or murder that is needed to be solved, so she has to figure out what's pertinant and what's not.

Allison also has the ability to pick up negative "vibes" from people, objects, and places. Sometimes she walks into a room or touches an object and sees flashes of what has happend or will happen, usually from a strong emotional feeling like evil, malice, or fear. This talent helped her once in an episode where she took part in jury selection for a huge murder case.

It's not like she can read minds exactly, because it has to be a powerful thought or emotion that the other person is giving off. The mind reading is something the oldest daughter has shown signs of, as in one episode she wanted only her dad to help her with math homework because is is an engineer and new the answers and she could see the answers he was thinking.

Now, the show basically sticks to the dream ability with every episode starting in a dream and she wakes up. Her daily life goes on, until real life events become associated with her dream and she begins to investigate. The other abilities, like seing dead people and getting vibes is only in select episodes if they help the story along.

One other thing though, her abilites aren't tied to the present either, sometimes she sees or dreams of something that happened many years ago or hasn't happened yet.

One episode she was so convinced this one guy murdered a young woman in her twenties that she basically harrassed the guy, but he was clean as a whistle. She eventually finds the dead girl very much alive but still in her teens, because what she saw was the future. Allison, coming off a bit creepy, tries to tell the teen what to do to prevent her from getting killed years later. Who knows if it worked, cause it hasn't happened yet.

I actually wrote all this before I saw Mac's post, maybe overkill, but hope this helps Scott.


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