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Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Slow Week

Not much going on that is particularly blogworthy, movie-wise. I haven't been out to the cinema in weeks, or caught anything on DVD.

I have a couple of cool scripts by good pro writers (of movies under construction now) on my pile of stuff-to-read, but I haven't gotten a chance to read them yet.

Yesterday I did have my 7th wedding anniversary. We actually celebrated earlier in the week; we drove down to San Diego on Monday night, had a night dinner at Croce's (owned by Jim's widow) where we listened to some great jazz. We spent the night in a hotel nearby, then drove up the coast on Tuesday.

The highlight was stopping off to stretch our legs at Oceanside Harbor, wandering randomly onto a fishing pier, and finding a fisherman who was happily feeding all of his bait (squid) to the sea lion that had settled in under the pier.

Otherwise, I'm still thoroughly brainstorming-out my lowish-budget thriller, which is coming together well in my head. I did a little writing the other day, but I'm only about 6 pages into it. Still, I have high hopes.

Helping is the reading gig I recently took for a major company's new straight-to-DVD arm, which is looking to do a slew of $4-$7 million movies a year. So I'm reading a lot of surprisingly-solid low budget thrillers for that, which helps me get into the mood for my own script, while I'm also getting paid. Win-win.

So life lurches on....


At 5:55 PM, Blogger Scribe LA said...

Neat - about the anniversary, and the job. Cheers your new script.I just started THE rom-com and have been working on my spec pilot. My ducks are starting to line up, and it sounds like yours are as well. Have a great holiday weekend.

At 12:10 AM, Blogger Chris said...

I don't know when it is out in the States (if at all), but opening today in the UK is Hot Fuzz from the makers of Shaun of the Dead.

It may be very UK in its comedy, but it should entertain on both sides of the pond.

At 1:58 AM, Anonymous Blair said...

Congrats on the anniversary.

My creative juices have turned back to the old love, comic books. I have an art submission on the desk of a DC Comics editor, and mentioning the Nicholl seemed to suggest to him I might be able to write too. Neat.

But right now I'm going for the art thang.

Still figuring out what to do with the Nicholl script. There are options, but like with all things, the paths to fulfillment are not easy ones.

Good luck to you, Sir.

At 2:41 AM, Anonymous chris soth said...

Hey -- how do I submit to your new company~!!!???


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