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Monday, September 11, 2006

nina gordon - straight outta compton

Not safe for work.

An unexpectly beautiful cover version of the N.W.A. song, if you can get past all the uses of the N-word and the MF-word, run atop the original video.

Nina Gordon is a fav or mine; was in the band Veruca Salt


At 2:30 PM, Anonymous EM said...

This reminds me of a few years back when a band called 'Dynamite Hack' did a "friendlier" version of 'Boys in the Hood.'

At 12:01 AM, Blogger Systemaddict said...

Aw...I love her. And, she actually made that song...really pleasant.

Now, if we can get Aimee Mann to do California Love, or perhaps something more edgy...we'd be good.

It actually reminds me of a Tori Amos album of all covers- Smell's like teen spirit among them, but also (of all things) a SLAYER cover, of a song entitled Reign in Blood.

Nice spins on otherwise pretty pointed genre's.


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