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Thursday, October 25, 2007


So there are all these articles out now about how all these writers are pounding away, trying to get drafts done before the strike looms.

But the frenzy extends to readers as well.

Apparently no one is sitting around doing nothing this week. Everyone has scripts that need to be read, and read now.

All of which has been exascerbated by the fact that, earlier this week, I agreed to do a very (very) low-paid, semi-official, no-credit rewrite of a script for a production company that I occasionally do work for. But even that has to be done before the strike hits.

It's writing, which is cool, and on some levels I'm enjoying just banging out a pass. But the rewrite is turning out to be more extensive than I thought. Particularly for the money I'm getting.

Not complaining, just swamped.

Anyhow, don't expect a huge amount of posts from me this week, though I'll knock out one about the weekend movies tomorrow.

Let's hope there's not a strike though, because that's not going to help anyone.


At 10:02 AM, Blogger Christian M. Howell said...

Really. I find myself torn between thinking a strike would be good and thinking it would be bad.

As a new writer who has some interest in a few scripts, I definitely don't want a strike but considering that in a few years the Internet will be a major source of "re-use" the WGA needs to get ahead of it now.
As it is now, Universal On Demand doesn't have to pay writers when people download.

I am rushing out a rewrite also and I would love to not worry about whether it will all shut down next week.

At 5:52 PM, Blogger E.C. Henry said...

Sorry to hear you're not getting paid more for the rewrite, Scott, BUT at least your a paid writer. That's more than I can say.

Glad to hear you're busy too. Better to have something to do where you're imput is VALUED, then have no one expecting anything from you cause no one cares or even knows you exist, which is what the pre-pro screenwriter faces EVERY day.

What I'm trying to tell you, friend, is that the problems you have are GOOD ones to have; you should see your glass as half full!

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

At 9:02 PM, Blogger suzbays said...

Congrats on the writing gig!


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