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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Monday is National Sneak-Into-a-Movie Day

Because Christmas is on a Sunday this year, Monday becomes one of those odd days off that doesn't have any actual holiday attached to it, other than it being National Redeem Those Holiday Gift Certificates Day.

Because of this, the day also qualifies as National Sneak-Into-a-Movie Day.

After you've traded that Best Buy Gift Certificate for a Blossom Season 2 DVD (you know who you are), head over to the local multiplex.

There the challenge is simple. See a good movie. Then sneak into another one.

My movie code wants me to suggest that the second movie should be something that you wouldn't have actually paid to see, something that isn't actually worth $9.75, so sneaking into it isn't really stealing. Like, say, "Fun With Dick and Jane". Or "The Ringer" (which is supposed to be funny, but you know you weren't going to see it).

But of course, this is flexible.

If you get ambitious, sneak into a third movie. Or a fourth.


10 points for every movie you sneak into (and sit all the way through). If you sneak into a movie, and only see the last half, or walk out after 20 minutes, that's only worth 2 points.

Add five points for every pound of food you sneak into the theater with you. Because you're going to be there for a long time, and you don't want to starve to death.

Bags of leftover holiday turkey, or leftover holiday pumpkin pies, are ideal for this.

10 points if you post a picture of you or a loved one eating snuck-in food in a movie theater auditorium that you don't have a ticket for.

10 more points for posting a funny anecdote about your day.

And remember, no one ever got arrested for sneaking into a theater, or sneaking in food. Though if you get caught, post that too.

I expect to find a slew of responses to this challenge early next week....


At 5:52 PM, Blogger Dixon Steele said...

Funny that you mention it. On Wednesday I saw KING KONG (definitely worth seeing) and after that snuck into FUN WITH DICK & JANE. Thought it would be terrible and wasn't that bad; funnier than the original, thanks to Jim C.

Last night saw BROKEBACK; very good, but didn't blow me away (no pun intended). Afterwards saw the new (and last) Merchant Ivory THE WHITE COUNTESS. Just OK.

Some call it theater hopping. I call it...Multiplexing!

Happy Jew Year!

At 6:07 PM, Blogger shecanfilmit said...

Great challenge. I expect to do some multiplexing on Monday. I'd like to see Fun with Dick and Jane, and Rumor Has It. Tentative plan: sneak into the latter, give money to the former...

At 9:47 PM, Blogger Patrick J. Rodio said...

Petey Jackson might need the money. Apparently, Narnia and Kong will be duking it out over the weekend, they'll be pretty close, with Narnia expected to pull ahead because of the kid-factor.

Unless Kong finds some incredible legs, this thing is gonna tank (since it cost 200+ million). It made 8+ million on Friday, and it's estimated to pull into the lower 30s (with Narnia doing mid-to-upper 30s.

That'll put Kong inside the 120 million range at this point. It'll be interesting to see if it hangs on or just dies off and does like 200 million. Maybe it'll keep on going, who knows.

Narnia is gonne be over 160 milliona fter this weekend, I didn't think it'd do that well.

At 10:10 AM, Blogger Will said...

Hey Scott, long time reader, first time etc. Sorry for the plug, but it seems appropriate. If you need some help figuring out times, check out

A couple friends and I just put it up last week. Just in time for the big day.

At 12:14 PM, Blogger Matt Waggoner said...

My record for this is six movies in one day. In September of 1999, I walked to the AMC Century 14 (since I lived two blocks away at the time) and bought a ticket for The 13th Warrior, which I really enjoyed. Then I snuck into The Astronaut's Wife, which, frankly, sucked. After that, Deep Blue Sea (which has the single best scene in any movie ever -- if you've seen it, you know which scene I mean), Dudley Do-Right, Inspector Gadget, and Universal Soldier: The Return. Not a lot of great options that day, unfortunately (there were a few better movies playing there, too, but I'd already seen them).

Not that I'd have ten hours to spend doing that, these days. If I ever did it again, I'd probably sneak into ALL the movies, and then go back to the box office and pay them what I thought each one was worth. ;)

At 2:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

did I Walk The Line and Fun With Dick N Jane

At 1:59 AM, Blogger oneslackmartian said...

We used to have a contest to see how many movies we could see in one day. No two in a row could be at the same theater. The record? Six. We did this in Chicago, using a motorcycle to get us from location to location while breaking numerous traffic laws in the process.

Six is pretty damn impressive. Or as my wife calls it, pretty damn lame, stupid, sophomoric, etc. I always retort with, "Well, you married me, so what does that say about you?" Ouch, zing. I know you're saying, "OH, no you di'n't."

At 12:05 PM, Blogger Scott the Reader said...

I did 6 once in Manhattan, in 5 different theaters. After the first five, my brain literally hurt, so I took two hours off to recharge and then saw a midnight movie.

The 6 movies were Dog Fight, a revival double feature of Blow Up and Sunday Bloody Sunday, the Bogosian film Sex Drugs Rock and Roll, The Pope Must Die(t), and Dead Men Don't Die (which I think starred Elliot Gould).

It was part of my September 1991 run of 30 movies in theaters in 30 days (which was affortable because I was a theater manager, so most of them were free).

At 8:05 AM, Blogger MaryAn Batchellor said...

So, maybe there's no box office slump, just nationwide multiplexing!

At 11:09 AM, Blogger Scott the Reader said...

Well, I haven't snuck into a movie all year, and I didn't do so yesterday either; my plans were derailed by the fact that some of my wife's family was in town and we had to go see them.

So I'm extending it through Monday, January 2. Sometime in the next week, I'm going to hit the multiplex. Hard.

At 1:46 AM, Anonymous chris soth said...

Scott, you are a true genius -- I always called it 'plexhopping'.

Little know secret of WGA members -- movies for free from pretty much Thanksgiving to Oscars time if your membership is current, etc. Any movie vying for a writing award will let you in free!!!

AND, it also works for any movie playing in a cineplex that has a similar show time as a movie vying for a writing award...

OTHER TRICKS: Last year, I saw Million Dollar Baby's best picture win coming from a mile away. So I got free tickets for it whenever I was in a multiplex and saw movies free for at least a month after it won the award as well.

Go to one of those previews for movie one, take in your second movie free, pay nothing!

Use all your AMC MovieWatcher redemptions for multiple movies...

Or stay home and write...BUT I am DEFINITELY checking out an age we live in!!!

At 1:50 PM, Anonymous fearless said...

When I was in college, about 10-12 years ago now (yikes!) a friend & I used to sneak into movies all the time. At the local multiplex, we just went around back where the rear doors lead directly to the parking lot (those doors behind the screen, when you're inside). So when the crowd poured out, we would just slip in, like salmon going upstream. Then through the theater & out into the multiplex with the rest of the crowd... and then into a nearby theater, hopefully showing something good.


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